About Jim Nixon 

Jim Nixon, CEO and Founder, started in Illegal Burger in 2013. Mr. Nixon has more than 30 years of progressively responsible experience in every facet of the restaurant business, having directed as many as 200 employees in various restaurant companies with revenues in excess of $25 million annually. Jim has led these restaurants through start-up, rebranding, turnaround, and growth.

Mr. Nixon has been a top executive in the hospitality industry, nurturing restaurants into profitability and streamlined efficiency. His has a comprehensive command of SOP creation, zero-based budgeting, quality assurance, and internal-audit procedures and is considered to be an effective leader and motivator.

Among some of his significant past positions, Mr. Nixon served as Regional Director of Specialty Restaurants Corporation, a California based destination-restaurant business, and home to the world-famous Polynesian-themed Reef in Long Beach, California, and a second restaurant, Castaway, in Burbank, California. With more than 100 restaurants across the U.S., including the Proud Bird adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport and 94th Aero Squadron at the Van Nuys Airport. Mr. Nixon was in charge of maintaining this renowned Company's profitability and brand while maintaining day-to-day regional operations.

Mr. Nixon also held the position of Director of Food and Beverage for Wyndham Resorts, a major hotel resort company, with locations worldwide. Mr. Nixon was in charge of continuing to expand the Wyndham brand through ever-changing food-and-drink menus, rebranding ideas, and retaining customers in the resort dining and entertainment area.