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What is Illegal Burger and who is behind it?


You have probably seen us, heard of us, might have even confused us, but what is Illegal Burger? Read along to learn our story and the man behind it.




The Basics

Illegal Burger is a quick-casual burger joint with a full-service bar centered around a prison theme. We focus on customer service and high-quality food. We value fresh produce; thus, our patties are made with fresh, all natural, never frozen, no antibiotics or growth hormones beef. But it does not stop there. We know everyone has different preferences, so we offer veggie patties, turkey patties, grilled chicken breast, and codfish as well. Each burger is accompanied by a fresh baked bun from a local bakery, Aspen Bakery. Pick from a fluffy soft brioche bun, pretzel bun, or whole wheat bun. And yes, we offer gluten free buns and lettuce wraps! Each burger is topped with the freshest ingredients available. We have an incredible selection when it comes to fries and sides. From thin-cut fries, waffle fries, to our hand crafted Cheesy Taters. There is more than just delicious food at every Illegal Burger. Our full-service bar includes refreshing margaritas, local beers, and even alcoholic shakes served in fun mason jars. Don’t just take my word for it, make sure to check it out!





Illegal Burger was created to change the way we look at burgers. From the details of our sustainable decor to the quality of products used in our food. We are dedicated to give our guest what they each deserve: a burger made with quality, all-natural ingredients that taste as good as it appears. We want for each of our guest to experience perfection with every bite. Having high standards and expectations make Illegal Burger have the best burgers in Colorado. Local ingredients, fresh food, and delicious taste. Creating delicious burgers is not the only goal of Illegal Burger. We want for each guest to have an incredible experience while dining with us. We are a fast-casual restaurant, but that does not mean customer service is not noted. On the other hand, our staff works hard everyday to create a friendly environment where guest feel welcomed and comfortable. Illegal Burger is not simply about delicious food, but about incredible experiences while eating delicious food.





Jim Nixon began his journey in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. He started off working in a restaurant in Denver, Colorado. Little did he know, this would change his life. Through his career in the industry, he has had positions from kitchen staff to busser and worked his way up to management. He has worked from small mom-and-pop to major corporate-owned restaurants and resorts. Jim has directed as many as 200 employees, led restaurants through start-ups, rebranding, turnaround and growth models. In short, he knows what he’s doing. His experiences through the years evolved into a love for the restaurant industry and wanted to create something special of his own. He took the knowledge from each job position, big and small, and used it to open his own restaurants, Illegal Burger and El Señor Sol. Jim has worked tirelessly to make his vision come true. And it did.


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