Illegal Burger’s Monthly Discovery

Time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Time to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Meet the Dons

And their hideouts.

Making sure that our guests receive the best service possible can only be achieved by having the best team. Get to know the people making sure your visit is the best every time.


Hidden Treasure



The Evergreen location was the first Illegal Burger to open its doors in August of 2013. Brandon Wage is the current manager at the Evergreen location. He is a family man with four kiddos. He is a Colorado native and went to North High School. Illegal Burger was his first food/restaurant job, as he had done construction painting for most of his life. At the beginning, Brandon was simply looking for a part-time job but ended up really liking Illegal Burger. From the company concept to the people he works with, it became his second home. Brandon enjoyed the change from hard labor to customer service. Brandon always strives for his guest to leave satisfied and with the want to come back. He enjoys being able to interact with his guest who is locals and tourist. Brandon’s favorite item on the menu is ‘The Boss,’ because as he said, “the mix of fried jalapenos and sweet pineapple have a great taste.”


Having Two



The Arvada location was the second operation at hand opening its doors on April of 2014. Jordan Nixon is the current manager at the Arvada location. He is a music lover and enjoys going to concerts and shows, especially at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Jordan has been around Illegal Burger before the first doors opened back in 2013. He has been around at all of the Illegal Burger locations, helping out in every way that he can. After all, he is the son of CEO, Jim Nixon. Jordan strives to make an example of himself to others and looks after his father as a role model. He first got involved with the company by cooking at the Evergreen location and has since continued to grow with the company. Jordan works hard every day to make sure Illegal Burger is in top shape for every guest that walks in. Jordan’s favorite item on the menu is ‘The Slinger’ and as he describes it, “the sweet and tangy BBQ sauce with the Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, topped off with the Onion Strings. It is the best!”





One of the most challenging projects that Illegal burger encountered was opening their third location. The Downtown Illegal Burger took 9 months to open its doors in January of 2016, while the rest of the restaurant took between two to three months. Jeremiah Padilla is the current manager at the Downtown location and encourages his team every day to create a one of a kind atmosphere. He is a Denver native and enjoys working out in his free time. Jeremiah’s will to work at Illegal Burger has been created by the way the company treats him. Like many, he has worked with corporations, but never felt like he was given the respect that he deserved. Working for Illegal Burger has made him enjoy every step of the way as he says, “Here, I am treated like a real person, not just another number.”  Jeremiah’s favorite item on the menu is the ‘Undercover Spicy Chicken’ because “Who doesn’t like chicken!”


Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill location followed the Downtown location opening in June of 2016. Joseph Griego is the current manager at the Capitol Hill location. He is a Denver native, loves the Broncos, and is a proud father of two. Joe has been working in the restaurant/food industry for many years, from being a delivery boy, cook, to now manager. Similar to Jeremiah, Joe used to work for a large corporation. “I love it here, I’m part of the company, not just another asset,” Joe expressed himself on how he feels about Illegal Burger. He enjoys working with his team, being able to interact with guest, having growth opportunities, and being able to directly communicate with the CEO. He works hard alongside with his team to create memorable experiences for every guest that walks into his restaurant. His favorite item on the menu is ‘The Boss’ because as Joe describes, “the flavor of spicy jalapeños and juicy sweet pineapple are phenomenal, there’s nothing like it.”

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